4 Day Hypnotherapy Practitioner Entry Level Course (£500) - LONDON

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On March 06, 2021

This course introduces you to the basic concepts of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and how to begin helping clients. You will learn about the history and theories of hypnosis and the current therapeutic approaches which make up the practice of hypnotherapy. In addition, you will learn and experience hypnotic communications and techniques, that will allow you to effectively hypnotise someone and safely manage their hypnotic trance experience. You will also learn self hypnosis and how you can use this in your daily life to help you with your own personal self development, as well as teaching this to help others.

Completing this introductory course will provide you with enough information to help you understand and experience hypnosis and treat clients with basic therapeutic needs. Some students enrol in this course as an introduction to the practice as a hypnotherapist, which allows them to decide whether or not they want to pursue further training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. What you learn from this module will be useful and beneficial to your own personal development, which you can apply throughout your everyday personal and professional life.

Module Components:

Classroom Practical Hours: 28

Includes Online Lifetime Course Access

Topics Covered:

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Defined

History & Theories of Hypnosis

Modern Perspectives

Laws of Suggestion

Mind States & Memory

Trance States & Depths

Hypnotic Phenomena

Therapeutic Approaches

Direct Suggestion Hypnotherapy

Indirect (Erickson) Hypnotherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Hypnotic Process

Hypnotic Voice

Client Treatment Sessions

Handling Distractions

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

The Therapeutic Intervention

Client Awakening Process

Therapeutic Alliance & Rapport

Insurance & Student Practice

Obtaining & Seeing Clients

Maintaining Client Records

Good Practice & Continuing Professional Development

Hypnotherapy Practice Management

Ethical Practice & Code of Ethics

Confidentiality & Safety

Automatic Writing

Magnetic Field Induction

Rhythmic Eye Movement Induction

Pseudo Orientation in Time

Time Distortion

Suggested Amnesia

Persuasive Communications

Suggestibility Tests

Mirror, Pacing & Leading

Ideomotor Responses

Ego Boosting Techniques


Authoritarian Inductions

Permissive Inductions

Post Hypnotic Inductions

Simple Relaxation Induction

Fractionation Inductions

Tactile Inductions

Eye Roll & Eye Fixation Inductions

Rapid Induction Techniques

Simple Inductions

Arm Levitation Induction

Trance Deepening

Countdown Deepening

Favourite Place Deepening

And Now Cue Deepening

Combined Deepening Techniques

Self Hypnosis

Autonomy & Boundaries

Medical Considerations

Ethical Dilemmas

Structure of a Session

Goal Setting & Observation Skills

Rapid Eye Defocus Inductions

Mind's Eye Deepening

Hand Rotation Deepening

Teaching Self Hypnosis

Healing Light Energy Ego Booster

As the course is modular, you are able to join any future practitioner courses and advance your training at any time, just attend the next scheduled module and carry on with your training module by module until you complete all 6 modules.

Course Modules Included

    Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy (6 & 7 March 2021)
    Introduction to Hypnotherapy Practice (27 & 28 March 2021)

 One weekend a month classes held at Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT


Fine Print

      • Course runs for one weekend a month from 10:00am-6.30pm on Saturday and Sunday

      • Course can be paid for by instalments (£250).

In preparation for the course, between now and the start day, please register and enrol onto the on-line course at www.icchp.com/moodle/ and complete the first online module. If you have made a payment you will find that the module course notes, hypnotic scripts and all demonstration videos will become available to you to view and download. You can complete the module without access to these.

Payment Options

You can pay funds directly into our bank account (Santander plc, ICCHP Limited, Account Number 20001565, Sort Code 09-01-28), or alternatively into our PayPal account and making payments to bookings@icchp.com.

Cheques and Postal Orders can be posted to ICCHP Limited, 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF.


The ICCHP classroom venue in London is Pimlico Academy, in the heart of Westminister. The Academy is sponsored by Future, a local education charity, which the ICCHP and our students are proud to support. Our hypnotherapy training venue offers free parking around the venue and is within walking distance from Pimlico and Victoria Underground/Rail stations. Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT.