Online Hypnotherapy Training Distance Learning Certificate (CHyp) Practitioner Course (£695)

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Online Distance Learning Practitioner Certificate Courses

6 Modules

Internationally Recognised Qualification

This 6 module hypnotherapy training course is amazing value for money. The ICCHP practitioner courses are the most modern and comprehensive courses available on-line. Each course is accredited by the International Certification Council (ICC). so graduates can now obtain a recognised international practitioner qualification with the International Hypnotherapy Register (IHR).

Order online now for full unlimited lifetime access to all practitioner course components. Here is what you will receive:

  • 1000s of pages of online theory,  practical notes & learning resources - continuously updated
  • Over 150 hours of classroom lecture, demonstration & treatment video recordings - continuously updated
  • Over 100 hypnotic scripts - continuously updated
  • Access to an international community of students and practitioners
  • Access to 57 student practitioner discussion forums
  • Access to the graduate/practitioner discussion forums
  • Access to optional tutor support & clinical supervision
  • No time limits for completion
  • Continuous updates & additions to the course material and learning resources

You will start with the Practitioner Certificate (CHyp) Course, which includes the first 6 modules of the 12 module programme. You can then move on to the more advanced Practitioner Diploma (DHyp) Course, which includes the remaining 6 modules of the 12 module programme. Both Courses Include Unlimited Lifetime Access to All Online Modules.and Practitioner Course Resources

Distance Learning  CHyp Course Modules included:

• Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

• Introduction to Hypnotherapy Practice

• Behavioural Hypnotherapy Practice

• Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy Practice

• Indirect Hypnotherapy Practice Certificate

• Applied Hypnotherapeutics